Analysis and Description of Methodology

MAGNET will be implemented through  ​ seven (7) strongly interrelated work  packages (WP1-WP7) within a period of 48 months. ​ Phase 1 (WP3)  includes all the ​ preparatory and  fundamental actions needed to put into place  the new infrastructure (procurement, preparation of  MAGNET premises and design of sampling procedures for the Gene Bank). ​    Phase 2 (WP4,  WP5, and WP6) will set  MAGNET in real life conditions by isolating, characterizing, ex-situ storage and plant  growth promotion testing of microbes derived from    natural and agricultural  Cyprus soils.  At the same time, DNA  extraction from these  soils will feed the  ​ first Soil DNA Library of  the country (WP4). Then, the microbial      diversity of Cyprus soils  will be assessed using the state  of the art equipment and methods of  MAGNET. The logistics that will support  Microbial Gene Bank data    management,  as  well as the bio-statistical  tools for the analysis of the large  raw sequencing data, will  be put into place  as a supportive e-infrastructure. ​ Phase 3  (WP2 and WP7) will combine the implementation of the  innovation and educational impact of the new infrastructure with  the dissemination and exploitation of results thereby creating a substantial  research  and business  case for the full exploitation of the results and  potentials of MAGNET. ​ Project Management (WP1​  ) spans across the whole duration of  the project.
project phases