MAGNET facilities are equipped with several secure freezing units where the barcoded samples acquired from soil (National Soil Bank), pure bacterial strains (Microbial Culture Collection) and genetic material (Gene Bank) are stored long-term. MAGNETs facilities are designed for high-throughput soil metagenomics (NGS), quantitative real-time PCR applications, microbial phenotyping and bioinformatic analysis and soil quality assessment

  • Reference System – provide a reliable reference system based molecular characterization of soil microbial communities

  • National Soil Genetic Resource Library –  build up and store in the long-term a National Soil Genetic Resource Library available to the scientific community

  • National Microbial Biological Resource Center – initiate the national microbial Biological Resource Center emphasizing plant associated soil microbial communities

  • Composition of soil – examine the composition of soil microbiome in natural and agricultural soils of Cyprus.


Soil DNA from various terrestrial ecosystems will be stored creating a research and innovation National Asset


Microbial solutions for an environmental sound agriculture in a climate changing environment


Studies on uncultivated, uncharacterized microbial communities in different Cyprus soils using advanced sequencing technologies and statistics


A series of molecular biology and microbiology protocols are available in our site
Funded by , RESTART 2016-2020

Funded by , RESTART 2016-2020

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